Leading Carpet Makers in Middle East

Alfombra Carpets introduces you to a unique world that carefully weaves quality with design. As one of the leading carpet makers in the Middle East, we create a vast variety of premium hand-tufted carpets and rugs using the finest materials.

All our carpets are custom-made and hence each piece is unique. Our carpets are designed to meet your needs, tastes and preferences and can be made in virtually any size, shape or color. Your imagination is the limit.

We meticulously make your carpets at our creation house in Dubai and welcome you to come see your carpet at any stage of production. Tufting our carpets in Dubai allows us to maintain thorough quality control and to ensure timely delivery.

We offer quality, dependability and originality at great value to clients.

Inspired by Nature. Crafted by Hand

Alfombra Carpets is the creation of two carpet enthusiasts: a German and an Emirati. Both want to create handmade carpets that bring out the beauty of nature and showcase the skillfulness of people. Our creation house is in Dubai and we offer the finest hand-tufted carpets made by experienced carpet weavers using only the finest yarns.


At Alfombra Carpets, every carpet we produce is woven with passion and strong feelings; and each carpet is crafted individually to the highest standards.


Alfombra Carpets provides a sense of comfort as they bring warmth and well-being to your space. When you own a high-quality Alfombra carpet, you know you have chosen an exclusive style, quality, comfort, and hygiene.

التصميم الفريد

بفضل الخبرة العريقة في مجال إنتاج السّجاد التي تميّزنا في معمل سجّاد الفومبره، يُمكننا أن نبتكرَ تصميمًا يُلبّي احتياجاتك وأن نقدّمَ لكَ حلولًا تصميميّة مجدية وفعّالة.